Market Hours:

Monday - Saturday
3:00 AM - 10:00  AM


The marketing of fruit and vegetables was consentrated in Ybor CIty, Palmetto Beach and Gary.  This area became known as the first trading post in Central Florida.  It had its beginning on the 7th Avenue between 22nd Street (Livingston Ave) and 23rd Street.  The corner became known as Seminole Corner which was the forerunner of todays Farmers Market.

Seminole Indians came there from the Six Mile Creek area to barter and sell to the early settlers. Their produce and merchandise; consisting of Corn, Tobacco, Sugar Cane, Cotton, Potatoes, Peanuts, Avocados, Chickens, Pigs, Rabbits and Trinkets.  Some of the settlers also grew vegetables and sold them.  At the Seminole Market, they brought their wheel barrows and later, horse and wagon.  It became a haven for peddlers.  Some peddlers rode their horse and wagon out to Bayshore Blvd.,ringing their hand bells along the way.

As the market prospered the need for expansion became necessary.  As the population of Tampa was moving Northward, a few of the Wholesale Dealers started looking at that direction.  A suitable site was located at 28th Street and East Hillsborough Avenue.  These Wholesale Dealers established and built a new market and on July 5, 1934, the market that you see today  was officialy named Tampa Wholesale Produce Market and was established and opened for business on September 10, 1934.


The History of the Tampa Wholesale Produce Market

As this area became crowded with Farmers, Sellers and Buyers, the trade moved further east.  To an open field on the north side of 7th Avenue between 29th Street and 30th Street.  As this marketing section became crowded, the need for buildings to house permament produce merchants was neccessary.  In 1928, a few Produce/Merchants, who became known as Wholesale Produce Dealers, established The Farmers Union Market at 47th Street and 7th Avenue.